Quality: HD
Episodes: 1 season - 10 eps x 8'. 2 season - 10 eps x 8'.
M&E tracks: Yes
M&E tracks lang: kazakh
Year: 2020-2021
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: animation
Director: Shyngys Ramazan


  • Trailer
Present time. It's the time when the "Asyks" began to be forgotten. Feeling unnecessary after their owners grew up, the asyks from the colorful bag suddenly came to life. Although no one plays with them, they continue to live. The revived strong bones have a chance for a new life where two competing Saks claim the leadership. The right-handed Saka wants to lead all the asyks in his own way, and the left-handed Saka tries to resist him. Will the right-Handed Saka, who considers himself always right, become the king of the tent? Or will the left-lhanded Saka, who believes in his own strength, which he does not have, win?скачать dle 11.3