Nomad Games
Episodes: 26x8'
Year: 2018-2019
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: Animation
Director: Sakiolla Kasiet

Nomad Games

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The story of animated TV series "Steppe Games" is set in the future. In the animated TV series, robotics has reached the highest level of development, and robots serve people in everyday tasks. However, the natural resources are almost exhausted. Kids do not go and play outdoors and prefer to stay at home, while playing VR games using glasses of the virtual reality. Nevertheless, 9-years-old Amir is different from his peers. He does not depend on VR games and believes that it is more useful to be outdoors, in the fresh air, doing physical exercises. And despite the empty playing fields, Amir enjoys playing basketball alone. During that, he will see an advertisement for the mysterious game ''Nomad Games" that are conducted every five years. Will Amir be involved in this game?скачать dle 11.3