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The Yertemir

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A schoolboy of the second grade Temir lives in Astana at a present days. He has a secret that no one knows and does not even realize that when there is a threat to the city or its residents, he turns into a hero the Yertemir. He is an ordinary second-grade schoolboy for the people around him. Besides his classmates, Temir has a friend that is a smart computer called Teletay. One day Babati, Timur’s friend from another planet, informs him that a villain named Alpan with his magic chest and friend Inelik are going to Kazakhstan to destroy cities, people and nature. Hearing this, Temir and his friends decide to confront the enemy and defend their land. However, Alpan and Inelik had already made an evil plan on capturing the Kazakhstan.скачать dle 11.3
The Yertemir
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