The Friendship Village
Episodes: 20 episodes *42' minutes
Year: 2021
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: Drama
Director: Merey Makhanov

The Friendship Village

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This story begins with the event of preparation for the wedding in the Kalybekov family living in the village of Yntymak. The inhabitants of this village are multinational. Therefore, everyone takes part in the event, regardless of nationality. Everyone contributes to the wedding table. The main character is Madi - a Russian-speaking, soaked in the flesh and bone of the city, who does not even want to hear about the village and his father's relatives. Madi is not deprived of the attention of girls, there are always a lot of girlfriends around him. Throughout history, our hero gradually gets used to rural life, the national spirit awakens. Meanwhile, as soon as he appears in the village, some secrets will begin to be revealed to the locals.скачать dle 11.3