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Love under rain 2 season

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The second season starts on Jasyn and Dana’s wedding day. Besides that great event, there comes out the news about the “AJ Group” company going bankrupt. Ansar is glad for a friend of his but lapses into a depression after receiving bad news about his father. Unexpected changes lead to Ansar Erdenuly’s loss of wealth, honour and his cohesive team. And Nazym wants to put through her idea of recycling garbage and gets acquainted with Kayrolla. The process of this eco-project engenders hope in Nazym and Ansar. After this occurrence, the personal story of each character starts developing individually. The first season shows that Nazym was against breaking environmental standards in the company and quit her job. In the second season, Nazym decides to find a waste recycling company. Ansar and Nazym are falling in love with each other. The series will show how Nazym’s life and her relationships with Ansar are changing. The serial mentions the theme of family values.
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Love under rain 2 season
30 episodes *50' minutes
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