The Groom - Season 2
Episodes: 20 episodes *50' minutes
Scripts: Yes
Scripts lang: russian
Year: 2022
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: Drama
Director: Maksat Ospanov

The Groom - Season 2

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The main character of the TV series Arman could not find a suitable job related to his specialization as a musical drama actor in the village. Later, the director of the school of another village called «Akterek» where lives his in-law relatives, invited Arman to work there because of the available vacancy for a music teacher. Another main character of the TV series is Arman's sister–in–law - Rabiga. She is a history teacher. Thus, she got a job as a history teacher at the local secondary school of «Akterek» village by acquaintance. Demanding, hardworking, responsible and highly educated teacher who does a lot to open the talents of children. The newcomer to the educational institution will soon become a favourite teacher of school students.скачать dle 11.3