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Love at the Shore

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Tolkyn was born in the countryside and lives in a small, poor apartment with mother and little brother. Tolkyn is a modest, young, beautiful girl and student by profession of a designer-tailor. Since her brother Miras is disabled, he is most often at home or at the house of a friend of аunt Saltanat. The well-being of their close-knit family was violated by people who demanded to pay off debts in which they were mired up by their father's strong passion for gambling. They have no way to pay the debt. Unfortunately Saule gets into a car accident and dies. Tolkyn and her little brother remain almost orphans. Creditors are taking their house despite the difficult situation. When Tolkyn does not know what to do, a familiar aunt Saltanat advises finding a man named Kanysh, a family friend whom her mother mentioned all the time during her lifetime. At one time, father Tolkyn helped Kanysh a lot. Tolkyn gets to the city Aktau, where Kanysh lives. Only Kanysh was happy to see Tolkyn. From the very beginning, Zaure, Kanysh's wife, begins to do everything to expel her from the house. Kanysh wants to make Tolkyn his daughter. But at this time she finds out that Kanysh has a serious illness and his days are numbered. Tolkyn agrees to Kanysh's request to marry his son Ali. From this moment the different obstacles begin.
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Love at the Shore
30 episodes *50' minutes
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