If You Love... (1, 2 Seasons)
Quality: HD
Episodes: 1 season - 20 eps x42' . 2 season - 20 eps x42'
Scripts: Yes
Scripts lang: ru. en
M&E tracks lang: kz
Year: 2017
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: drama
Director: Ernar Nurgaliyev

If You Love... (1, 2 Seasons)

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The story about a young promising football player, Damir, who suddenly, just before going to a European club, broke his leg. Doctors told that now he cannot play football. Damir blames his ex-girlfriend Dinara for this accident because it was her jealousy that caused the accident. Damir falls into a deep depression as he cannot imagine living his life without football. He tries to get back to full fitness in every possible way, but because of a serious injury all attempts are useless. Then he decides to get a job in a sports college as a football coach. In college, he will have not only friends, but also ill-wishers ... What will happen next with Damir? Will he succeed in creating the best team?скачать dle 11.3