Emergency Room
Quality: HD
Episodes: 20 episodes *50' minutes
Scripts: Yes
Scripts lang: ru
M&E tracks lang: kz
Year: 2022
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: drama

Emergency Room

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Aina, the daughter of a wealthy family, follows her future husband Adil to the district hospital in the region. Aina works as a reanimatologist-anesthesiologist in a hospital. There, Aina unexpectedly meets her boyfriend Rawan, whom she once liked. Adil becomes jealous of him. When they get an emergency call to the hospital, they go to help in an ambulance, but the car they are riding in gets into a car accident. The ambulance driver was seriously injured. Investigations and inspections will begin in the hospital. At this time, Aina and Adil's love will be tested. They go through various obstacles. Can their love survive the unexpected challenges?In addition to medical workers, the status of junior medical workers is shown in the TV series.скачать dle 11.3