Quality: HD
Episodes: 5x42'
Year: 2017
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: Drama
Director: Anuar Raibayev


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The main character of the film, a girl named Sveta comes to Astana from Saint Petersburg in order to fulfill the last wish of her grandmother. She had to find out what happened with the young Kazakh soldier, who despite all the difficulties and dangers helped many women and children, sentenced in the camp "ALZHIR" from 1937 to 1953y. He risked his life to save her mother and grandmother from a lot of troubles and starvation. Sveta does not have much information. All that she has is a diary, where her grandmother carefully describes all of her pain and sufferings that she experienced in the camp. The heartwarming story that delivers past and present times will definitely impress the audience and gives a chance to be thankful for freedom.скачать dle 11.3