Beloved daughters-in-law
Quality: HD
Episodes: 10x26'
Scripts: Yes
Year: 2018
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: Comedy
Director: Olzhas Nurbay

Beloved daughters-in-law

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The comedy TV series “Beloved Daughters-in-Law” tell the story of three daughters-in-law of who lives in one large family. The main differences of three female characters are the differences in their ages and upbringings. Daughters-in-law become the members of the family that strictly keeps customs and traditions. Their mother-in-law is very demanding of his sons and wants them all to live under the same roof. Difficulties, which they experience, bring them up together and strengthen their bonding. In each episode of the television series, the daughters-in-law find themselves in a variety of situations that can be settled only by their joint efforts.скачать dle 11.3