Ice and flame
Quality: HD
Episodes: 10x42'
M&E tracks: Yes
Year: 2018
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: Drama

Ice and flame

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This story is about young and talented figure skating athletes. Olzhas is a main character, who despite all the difficulties of life chases his dream. Since his childhood, he was in the school hockey team and had great perspectives.
During one of the hockey championships, he injures his head and doctors forbid him to continue his sport career. His father was a hockey player too who had ended his career at the bottom of the bottle; Therefore, Olzhas has to work to help his mother and young brother to survive. He finds a job as an ice cleaner on one of the stadiums and stands on the ice again. Figure skating coach Mukhtar notices Olzhas and invites him to the team. What happens to an ambitious young athlete next?
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