White Dragonfly
Quality: HD
Episodes: 20x42'
Year: 2020
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: Drama
Director: Murat Zhumabayev

White Dragonfly

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Amirzhan, a successful entrepreneur, has a daughter named Enlik, who is studying at medical internship. From an early age, Enlik dreamed of becoming a doctor. After her mother Aliya died in childbirth, her father married her friend Karlygash. The main goal of Karlygash was to own the newly opened Amirzhan's clinic. As she grew older, Enlik began to see and feel her stepmother's dislike. Enlik did not want to interfere with her father's relationship and therefore gets a job in the district hospital. What challenges will Enlik face in her new job?скачать dle 11.3