Village Teacher (1, 2 Seasons)
Quality: HD
Episodes: 1 season - 28 eps *42' min. 2 season - 35 eps *42' min.
Scripts: Yes
Scripts lang: ru
M&E tracks lang: kz
Year: 2021-2023
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: drama
Director: Samal Smagulova

Village Teacher (1, 2 Seasons)

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A young scientist Daniyar, who teaches at the university, is preparing for a scientific conference. But one of his incorrect statements reaches the rector and in order to receive the rector's forgiveness, Daniyar must go to the village and work as a teacher. Finding no other way out, he goes to the village, which is located five hundred and sixty kilometers from the city and he has to start everything from scratch.скачать dle 11.3