Kudasha Kyz
Episodes: episodes *42' minutes
Scripts: Yes
Scripts lang: russian
Year: 2023
Country: Kazakhstan

Kudasha Kyz

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Gulnaz is a student who studied abroad. After completing her studies, she returns to the country. She and her boyfriend, Diaz, have planned a wedding this summer. Both parties are busy taking care of the wedding. Diaz is a manager in a large company run by Gulnaz's father. He also studied abroad. It's been more than a year since he started working for this company. He and Gulnaz meet here. Suddenly, Gulnaz stops the wedding in front of her friends and relatives. She does not want to see anyone. She wants to be with her sister. "The most important thing is that she is safe," her parents say. They welcome Gulnaz’s presence in the village. This is how Gulnaz's interesting stories in the village begin. She has absorbed the western mentality and supports gender politics and it is hard to find a guy like her in this village, even in Almaty itself.скачать dle 11.3