The Main Person
Quality: HD
Episodes: 4x42'
Scripts: Yes
M&E tracks: Yes
Year: 2017
Country: Kazakhstan
Genre: Drama
Director: Tolegen Beyset

The Main Person

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The television series tells about the role of the mother in our life and simple human values. It reveals urgent social issues of today's society. The main character named Nasip is a lone mother. Over time, as her son grows up he goes to study in the city. However, there he faces different difficulties; he has to survive in the city as he has neither apartment no permanent earnings. At this moment he meets a girl, Ainur, from a wealthy family. After some time, they get married and Azamat decides to take his mother to the city. However, Ainur does not want to share space with her mother-in-law, and a conflict begins between the women.скачать dle 11.3