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Kozy Korpesh And Bayan Sulu Kozy Korpesh And Bayan Sulu The television series "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu" tells about beautiful and tragic love.
Inheritance Inheritance The storyline tells us about the father, who has made up a story about his fatal illness to gather his daughters under one roof.
Lasting Hope Lasting Hope A story of a girl, Aya, once adopted by another family.
The Double Dealing The Double Dealing It happens that most people hide their true intentions and preten d to be not who they really are.
The Railway Life The Railway Life The series tells about the difficult «life on the road» of two brothers and their friends who are train attendants.
I Trust You I Trust You A young psychologist, Alau, leaves a city and heads to the counryside seeking still life after a divorce from her husband
Division №7 Division  №7 The series tells the story of two brothers, Yerlan and Samat.
Broken Hearts Broken Hearts The friendship of a simple girl and a beginning artist grows into love.
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