About us

National Television and Radio Corporation "Kazakhstan" is the huge state-run media outlet with 4 TV channels, 4 radio stations and 14 region based TV channels and Radio Broadcasting. TV audience coverage has 99 % and radio audience coverage has 88,74 % of the population of Kazakhstan. The Corporation’s signal can be received by residents of the border territories of neighboring countries (the Russian Federation, Mongolia, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan).

Since 2012, the distribution and acquisition department has started making contracts of selling corporation's self-produced films to local TV channels. And then the video production became more actively sold in the U.S., Australia, Caucasian countries, and South Korea.

The library of original video products has reached more than 150 TV series and more than 120 animated series. Among them historical dramas "Мұқағали" ("Mukagali"), "Ахмет" ("Akhmet"), "Aбай" ("Abai"); romantic TV series "Сезім толқыны" ("Love at the Shore"), "Бақыттың кілті" ("The Key to Happiness"), "Ақжауын" ("Love under Rain"), "Сүйе білсең…" ("If You Love…"); long running series "Замандастар" ("Generations"), "Айман-Шолпан" ("Twin Sisters"); documentaries "Көшпенділер" ("Nomads"), "Шыңғыс Айтматов: Естелік ізімен" ("Chingiz Aitmatov: Following the Memories"), "Аққан жұлдыз" ("Falling Star");  animated series "Желаяқ" ("Faster than Wind"), "Аспазия" ("Cooking Land"), "Пингвин оқиғалары" ("Cutie Penguin"), "Ақжелкен" ("Little Explorer").

The corporation has worked on popularization of self-produced content. Many of them are loved by the local viewers. The first ever full-length feature film "Міржақып. Оян, қазақ!" ("Mirzhakip. Wake up, Kazakh!") has been screened at all movie theaters in Kazakhstan.

The broadcaster's goal is not only to inform, educate or entertain public, but also to keep a balanced culture with national and world's values. The corporation’s capacity has been recently increased, due to the collaboration with global brands in cinema industry like Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Paramount Pictures Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, Metro-Goldwin-Mayer Studios, The British Broadcasting Corporation.

Next step is commitment to increasing good cooperation with Asian, American and European media industries as much as possible.
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